best hard drive recovery software

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Softwares

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Softwares

As the world develops or rather grow people across the globe do different task and work and they tend to document their progress and ideas. That way the internet is increasingly becoming more popular than it was a few years back. Maybe it because of the social media platform which has taken attention and created more opportunities.

As this happens the computer is one of the best ways of documenting our information and most important accessing internet. When we do this due to our ignorance unusual things happen and we may lose our information or data either by accident, by mistake or by viruses. When this happens, you can be sure how headache it can be when you have lost all the information you have saved for many years and there no way to recover it.

But wait is this a general and common problem for the people who use the computer regularly. Yes, it is. There are millions and millions of people around the world who uses the computer both for personal use and commercial use for every single task and they also save data in it and but the Big thing should be saving and securing their data but rather they are only afraid of losing their important data. That why in this article, we are to show you various ways that you can use to recover data and vital information from your PC or computer.

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You can be sure this task sometimes is very simple but other times it is very hard to recover data that is lost that why the first thing to recover data is creating back up of your hard disk occasionally either externally using an external hard disk, CDs/DVD or using USBs. This can save you a lot of money and time because some information may not be recovered at all.

On this article, we are going to cover the best hard drive data recovery software which is available both free as well as paid. If you have lost your personal or very vital information, it means you have accidentally deleted your important data or your hard drive has been crashed as we stated above. Hence you want to recover your whole data then best hard drive data recovery software on this article you will find key software that you can use download and install to recover data immediately or later.
Here is the list:

Recuva (Windows)

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Recuva is the software on our list please note we are not reviewing any program here we are just listing. This program can recover the accidentally deleted files from the USB Disk or Recycle Bin. This software has the best algorithms that find the deleted files and data accurately, this software finding files is much better than other data recovery software available in our market today. This software is available as both free version and it also gives you the trial so that you can try and test all the features of this great program which is available for the Windows and OS.


PhotoRec (Windows/Linux/MAC)

PhotoRec is also the best software for data recovery which can be deleted photos from your SD Card, USB Drive or Hard Drive. PhotoRec is free and open source software for data recovery. This software is developed by Christophe Grenier.


Puran File Recovery (Windows)


This is Another powerful free data recovery utility tool software. This software can help you to recover the data from any type of source medium such as SD Card, Pendrive and Hard Drive, etc. This software has amazing features such as full scan & deep scan, it allows you to choose the data type you want to recover and much more. This program is one of the user-friendly and you should try it if you are trying to recover data or vital information.


Glary Undelete (Windows)

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Glary Undelete is a software that is very popular which is somehow similar to Recuva data recovery software. It allows you to recover data which was deleted from your computer hard drive, recycle bin or any other external storage. It also has so many features and the UI of this software is also easy to use hence user-friendly
However, it has some disadvantages or bugs. When a user tries to recover the files it also shows so many junk files which is very irritating and this software is less capable to recover the data from lost, formatted or crashed partition or hard drive.

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