The Forex Blueprint Course

10 students

We understand that everyone’s aim is to be able to trade Forex independently and not have to rely on signals or groups, and that’s exactly why we’ve started teaching our clients. Compiled of over 8 years worth of trading knowledge, as well as insight into how our in-house analysts trade on the financial markets and are able to consistently turn over a substantial profit.

We have gone fully into depth on each subject as well as each and every technique that we and our analysts use to spot trends, identify opportunities and key areas in the market that we can exploit in order to profit.


Learn what the Forex market is, how it works, how we make money from it and all the basics you need to know when learning the craft.


Learn how to spot trends in the markets using technical analysis. We will teach you how to spot profitable trades using chart analysis.


Learn how to use the news/fundamentals to your advantage. We will teach you how to spot profitabe trades using fundamentals.


Learn how to manage your risks when trading. We will teach you how to implement risk management techniques to ensure minimal losses.


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