menu driven interface

Menu Driven or menu-driven interface 

Menu Driven

The Term Menu Driven is a software program that operate using file menus instead of using commands lines. Below is an example of how a user may quit a menu-driven program, as opposed to a non menu-driven program.


Within an open program, the user clicks the “File” option from the drop-down menu bar and selects “Quit.”

Non menu-driven

User presses the “!” key and then presses the “q” key to quit the program.

A menu-driven environment like most programs in Microsoft Windows is easier for users as it is a graphical environment and allows the user to navigate using the mouse.

A non menu-driven environment like the command line can be quicker, but requires more memorization and is more difficult for new computer users.

menu-driven interface is the easiest way of navigating the devices and programs in fact we interact with them on a daily basis. It employs a series of screens, or ”menus,” that allow users to choose from about next step.

A menu-driven interface can use a list format or graphics, with each selection navigating to the next menu screen or to a different screen, until the user has achieved the desired outcome.

Menu-driven interfaces are preferred for being simple and user-friendly. menu-driven interfaces let you choose one step that leads to another until you’ve finished all the steps and gotten what you needed.

A good example of menu driven interface is the one that allows you to getting cash from an ATM, getting information from a kiosk or arriving at the proper section of your smartphone properties to connect to a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi.

However, Menu-driven interfaces differ from command line interface, which we discussed in our previous article. Which when used users have to wait for the system to respond to the command entered and be prompted to enter the next command. which work like instant message conversation.


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