natural language processing services

Natural language processing (NLP) services

Natural language processing (NLP) is a computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages, in exact way how to program computers to process and analyze complex natural language data.

Also, natural language can be defined as human language such as English, Russian, German, or Japanese unrelated from the typically artificial command or programming language with which one usually talks to a computer. Actually, the term refers to a written language but might also apply to spoken language.

Evolution of natural language processing

Even though natural language processing isn’t a novel science, the technology is gradually advancing. We as human, we can speak and write in English, Spanish or Chinese or any other language. But what you should know is that computer’s native language – known as machine code or machine language – is largely impenetrable to most people.

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Certainly, our late programmers used chip cards to communicate with the first computers like 70 years ago. Let’s have a closer look at that interaction. Your device is activated when it heard you speak, understood the unspoken intent in the comment, executed an action and provided feedback in a well-formed English sentence, all this in done within seconds. What you should know is that this interaction made possible by NLP, along with other AI.

Actually according to Neil Patel in a blog he recently published about How Voice Search is Going to Impact the SEO Landscape he stated google search algorithms will be using voice search to determine your website SEO and that why we will look at NLP important?

Large volumes of textual data

Natural language processing as know you might be aware of computers communicate with humans in their own language. For example, NLP that makes it possible for computers to read text, hear speech, interpret it, measure sentiment and determine which parts are important.

Structuring a highly unstructured data source

Human language is astoundingly complex and diverse. We express ourselves in endless ways, both verbally and in writing

NLP is important because it helps resolve ambiguity in language and adds useful numeric structure to the data for many downstream applications, such as speech recognition or text analytics.

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