Using Promo Models to Make Your Social Media Pop

Using Promo Models to Make Your Social Media Pop

Social media has become a key frontier for businesses looking to increase their exposure and e-commerce potential in the 21st century. Not only have many of the world’s leading platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) integrated specific business tools to help companies market themselves, but general social presence can help on the road to a successful online presence.

One great way to spice up your social media presence is to use the power of promo models. But what’s the best way to go about this? Here’s how successfully integrate them into your social media strategy.

Why Promo Models?

Using promo models for your social presence can benefit your brand in several important ways.

First, maintaining a personable element in your branding is critical. Social media is all about people connecting with other people. In that environment, you don’t want to seem out of place by being a cold unfeeling corporate entity.

Promo models help bring to life content that might otherwise not be as exciting or intriguing. This is a principle in physical marketing as well; companies looking to draw people to their booth at will hire trade show models to engage passersby and show off their products. The concept here is the same, but digital.

On Instagram, for example, photos with faces in them receive over 30% more comments and likes than photos without them. This speaks to our intrinsic fascination and interest in other people, and is something you can leverage to your advantage.

Where to Find Them

Finding the right promo talent should be approached with thought and planning. There are several ways to get in touch with promo models to partner with for your social media.

One way to find the right talent is to see who other brands have employed for their campaigns. This can be useful because you can see evidence of their work and can decide who you do and don’t like. Any promo model that catches your eye in an advertisement or post is someone you may want on your team.

The issue with this method of recruitment is twofold. First, other companies don’t always disclose who the models in question are. This is because they want engagement with their product, not the individual promoting it. Especially if the brand you’re talking about is a competitor in the same field, they may be loathe to share their talent.

Secondly, many promotional model contracts involve exclusivity rights, where talent can only represent a single company at a time. This can limit your options when trying to piggyback off of existing social media marketing.

Given these restrictions, turning to a staffing agency for hiring might be your best option. National agencies have a vast talent pool and usually contain portfolios for you to review. Most large agencies have a presence across all major cities, and so regardless of where your business is based you’ll be able to find the right people.

Now that you’ve manage to find the right promo models, how should you best utilize their services?

Ways to Use Promo Models

When it comes to using promo models to make your social media presence really stand out, creativity is key.

The most common use of promotional talent is in your visual media. On platforms like Facebook and Instagram, visuals are key, and people enjoy seeing other people representing your brand. Even Twitter, a more text-based medium, can benefit from promo models in that you can link to your website or products which contain promo models.

On Pinterest, however, pins with faces in them get less engagement, but you can still use promo models and crop or the faces out or have your models looking away from the camera. AS long as you tailor your use depending on the platform, you’ll achieve success.

Other great uses of promo models in your social media are videos and brand ambassadorships. If the promo models you hire are confident in speaking about your brand, consider letting them take over your Snapchat or Instagram for a day to post some video stories promoting your business.

Brand ambassador partnerships can be highly effective as well, spreading your brand to thousands of users but feeling more natural than a paid advertisement. By having brand ambassadors recommend your product on their own pages, you can attract a broad user base that otherwise might not have come across your brand or would have scrolled past a banner ad.

There are of course many other ways to integrate promo models into your social media marketing: contests, giveaways, and creating in-person content to later post on social platforms. Get creative, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

In Summary

Promo models can give your social media the charm and dynamism it needs to thrive. Every business looking to interact with consumers on a more personable level should consider hiring promotional talent, even for just a photoshoot or two.


Find promo models by contacting a staffing agency, reaching out to talent that you like from your own social media browsing, or posting a hiring call. Once you’ve found the right people, make sure to make their time and your money count by getting creative with your marketing. Make sure to obtain a variety of different media and present it in different formats, from Instagram video takeovers to still photos.

Hopefully, you now feel well-equipped to utilize promo models in your next social media campaign. If you liked this article, check out the others on our blog!


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