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Take this Udemy course & Build Your WordPress Blog + With SEO Optimization

There is nothing discouraging like creating high quality and you can get people to read it and share with their friends. If is everyone expectation after hitting publish button and your article or post then traffic should start flowing, but this never happens if you have not taken necessary precaution to make, you’re your contents can be found easily and this is called SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization).

Apart from taking several hours creating your contents, you should also take several minutes for doing keyword research and content optimization so that your leaders can find you high-quality contents. This isn’t a simple task and you need to understand what is needed for you that way, their people who care for you have carefully created this Udemy course for you to learn WordPress SEO scratch, from creating a blog up to developing and creating contents.

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This journey, don’t end there is this course is available on Udemy as a paid course but we understand it isn’t possible for everyone to afford several dollars to purchase this course that why we give it just for free. Using the button below you will download this Udemy course for free. but keep in mind if you are able to purchase this course please do so to promote the author. As they took their time to develop it, also remember after purchasing this course you will also get a certificate, while you download this free SEO Udemy course you won’t get a certificate.

Start to finish the course to learn how to create a Blog in WordPress + Important information for SEO


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What you’ll learn

After downloading this course, you shall learn;

  • How Create any WordPress website for free.
  • You will also be able to Create your own blog
  • After creating your blog you will be able to do SEO techniques to your blogs as well as any other.
  • After that you can now take your blog to next level and start Making Money by monetizing your blog.


  • How to use the Computer and browser
  • Of course, your Brain and total concentration.


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This course is all about creating WordPress blog and applying different settings to make it look professional! The difference between this course and other course is that, this course will also cover how you can optimize your blog for SEO and get a lot of visitors to your blog.

By so said then you should take this course and We will start by setting up WordPress and applying our cool blog theme and then we will start working on our menu, posts, pages and categories and after that I’ll cover theme settings in depth and we will customize every inch of our blog, If you are a beginner then after taking this course you will be a WordPress master. At the end I’ll show you how you can optimize your skills to make money. The main things that are covered in this course are:

  • Setting up WordPress and applying blog theme
  • Customizing theme and making it eye catching
  • Creating posts, pages and categories
  • Applying different SEO Techniques to make our blog visible in the eyes of Google
  • How to make Money with the skills you learned in this course

Who this course is for:

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  • This course is for everyone who is new to WordPress
  • Those who want to build a professional blog
  • Also for those who want to optimize their blog for better SEO

Created by Usman Raoof, Fahad Chaudhry

English [Auto-generated]


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Corse downloadable Size: 1.05 GB

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